Me? An SEO Expert? Well Try Googling “SEO Expert In San Francisco” And See Who Is At The Top

I am often asked by potential clients why they should consider me as an SEO expert San Francisco, but fortunately I have what I consider to be a very good answer. What’s more, that answer has never failed to satisfy anyone yet. A San Francisco SEO expert

It is really quite simple: anyone – individual or business – describing themselves as an SEO expert San Francisco SHOULD be at, or very near the top of page one of Google when you search for that term. What is astonishing is the fact that there are many businesses who so describe themselves, yet they feature halfway down page 5 of Google, or even lower! If your own business is languishing somewhere down there (that’s not a criticism by the way) you will be well aware of how little organic traffic you receive.

Now if your business happens to be a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, it’s fair enough if you don’t rank highly in Google. You’re not an SEO expert, and you probably haven’t had the time to learn how to become one when you are busy making candlesticks all day. But a business which claims to be a San Francisco SEO expert certainly should be right up there on page one. If they’re not, how can you trust them to get your business there when they can’t do it for themselves?

Here Is My Answer for SEO Expert

Now here is my answer when I get asked the question: “Go ahead. Google ‘SEO expert San Francisco’ and see what you get”. In fact, try it for yourself right now.

You see what happens? Right up there at the top is

That is exactly where I consider I should be if I am to instill confidence in my potential clients. Of course, when somebody does this I usually get an answer along the lines of “Ah. Yeah. Right.”

It just makes total sense. It is the same way that a leading horse racing trainer should have a fair percentage of wins for the horses in his yard (he won’t win them all, but he should have a good percentage compared with others) or a top lawyer should be known for getting good results for his clients.

Here is another thing to note. Somewhere around 67% of all clicks go to the top three places in Google, with around one third going to the top-featured business. What is even more scary is that only about 5% of people ever go as far as the second page of Google, so if you are on page 5, or 7, or 10, your chances of organic traffic are virtually nil.

The short answer when you need expert SEO help in San Francisco is to turn to someone who has proved beyond doubt that he knows what he is doing. In this case, that would be me. OK, I’ll stop the shameless plug now.