Although I am In San Francisco, I can Help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from Anywhere

Most people in business know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which in turn means getting your business on the first page of Google and the other search engines. So far, so good, but how do you do that? You can’t just email Google and ask them nicely.San Francisco SEO Consultant Jason McDonald

The accent is on the word “optimization”. You have to optimize your website so that Google likes it and considers it of importance. That’s how you do it.

That, of course is the tricky part. It happens that Google and the rest of the search engines do not advertise a list of their preferences, so you have no way of knowing what they would like to see on your website and what they would not. That’s where I come in, Jason McDonald, your local San Francisco SEO expert and consultant, because I do know what Google would like to see on your website: I have been optimizing websites for nearly a quarter of a century. While it is fair to say that nobody knows EXACTLY what Google wants because they don’t tell you, I have a much better idea than most people because I have been carrying out  SEO for San Francisco businesses successfully for so many years and getting them on to page one.

It does not have to be San Francisco SEO per se, either, because although that is where I am based, I can help you with SEO wherever you are. You could be in San Jose, San Antonio, or Santo Domingo – because we are looking at the internet your physical location doesn’t matter.

An Involved Process of Search Engine Optimizatoin

SEO is quite an involved process. Just to begin with I need to look at your website and make certain that it is easy to navigate and has everything in the places that Google wants to see them. Just simple things like being easy to read is important. We have all seen websites with white print on a light blue background where no doubt the web developer thought it looked attractive, but it is nonetheless hard to read. There are also any number of websites with white print on a black background. That is PROVEN to be 7% harder to read than black on white.

However, there are a lot more things to do such as getting your page liked on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Then there are things such as writing blogs to keep your website up to date, and getting backlinks. This is where other websites link to yours because they think your website is important, but you have to get the right SORT of backlinks. That’s called “link building” and is a critical part of successful “white hat” SEO (which is what I do).

Yes, there is a lot more to San Francisco SEO than you might think, but I can help you.