If You are Looking for Google AdWords, the Name Has Been Changed to Google Ads

If you are looking for Google AdWords, they have changed the name. I used to be a Google AdWords expert, but now I am a Google Ads expert. Google Ads Expert in San Francisco, CaliforniaNot exactly an awe-inspiring name, but then that’s Google for you. They are not renowned for their branding.

Never mind. If you want a Google Ads expert, you have just found me. When you use Google Ads you need to get it absolutely right. You are paying for clicks, which simply means a visitor to your website. Some years ago, Google AdWords were very cheap. You could get clicks for a few cents. As a result, it wasn’t costing you a fortune if a visitor didn’t make a purchase. However, all that has changed. Today the AVERAGE cost per click is between $1 and $2, while the more expensive clicks can be upwards of $50. These are for such businesses as insurance, loans, mortgages, and attorneys. So just 20 visitors to your website could cost you $1,000!

That’s why you need to get it right. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose a small fortune paying for clicks that don’t buy anything. If you bid too high you will get more visitors, but the extra costs will eat into your profits. If you bid too low your ads won’t even show, so you won’t get any visitors.

Costs Per Click Are Going Up and You Need a Sophisticated Expert in Google Ads

Furthermore, costs per click are steadily going up. Years ago there were not very many advertisers, so there was plenty of space to show ads. Over the years, more advertisers have joined the fray and more advertisers simply means that costs go up. This is particularly true during holiday times like Black Friday and Thanksgiving when you could find yourself losing money instead of making it.

Google now also invokes a quality score on advertising, and of course, being Google, they don’t tell you how they arrive at it. However, if it is 7 out of 10 that is neutral. Any higher than that, and you pay slightly less per click, but lower means that you pay more. What we do know is that the three most important factors for Google are the expected click through rate, the advert relevance, and the landing page experience.

As you can see, there is a lot involved in getting it right with Google Ads which is why you need a Google Ads expert such as myself to insure that your ads are relevant and that you don’t bid too much or too little for your clicks. Getting it wrong will cost you a lot of money in clicks and/or loss of sales.