Many People Don’t Understand the Difference Between AdWords and Google Ads

Google crushes the world market for search engine technology, massively dominating every country on earth, with the exceptions of China and Russia (because of government interference). However, they don’t do branding very well. Google Ads? Adwords? What’s the difference?Back in July 2018 – the 24th to be exact – they changed the name of Google AdWords to Google Ads, but the fact of the matter is that most people still refer to it as AdWords.

However, some terms stick, and some terms don’t. What does stick, however, is that if you need a Google Ads expert – or even an AdWords expert – you can hire me. Google Ads vs. Google AdWords? Since they are the same thing, you can call them whatever you like.

Let’s not ruffle dear old Google’s feathers too much about Google Ads vs. Google Adwords, so we’ll call them Google Ads for now or otherwise everybody is going to get confused. The simple fact is that Google Ads can make you a lot of money in sales, yet at the same time they could lose you a small fortune if you don’t know what you are doing. Yep, unfortunately, you could spend a lot of dollars on advertising on Google Ads and lose money hand over fist.

In Most Cases, You Won’t Even Know WHY

What is even worse is that in most cases you won’t even know WHY you are losing money. You are doing everything right, yes? You’ve had a look at all the online reports that tell you to do this and do that, and you are doing this and doing that, and yet still pouring money down the throat of the rapacious Google all the time.

Here’s another thing: Google doesn’t care. It really doesn’t. There are plenty more where you came from. Not only that, Google changes its’ mind about Google Ads at the drop of a hat. Today it wants to see this. Tomorrow it wants to see that, and not this, but it doesn’t send you an email to tell you about it. So you carry on thinking that you are doing the “right” thing, but now you are actually doing the wrong thing.

Oh dear, this is why you need me to hold your hand. You know, a Bay Area Google Ads expert consultant or whatever you want to call me. When it comes to Google Ads, it is my job to know what is going on and keeping up to date with what Google wants to see. That’s what my clients pay me for. I work with you, not for you, so that you can begin to understand what Google Ads is all about. Then when you have got the hang of it, and Google Ads vs. Google Adwords, you will be able to carry on alone, secure in the knowledge that your ad spend is going to be profitable in the future.