Top Social Media Corporate Trainer, Jason McDonald, Announces Summer Bay Area Social Media Class

Stanford University, Continuing Studies – Begins June 25, 2013

San Francisco, CA – May 14, 2013 – Jason McDonald, a top Social Media corporate trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area, is proud to announce his latest Social Media Class taught in person at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California: Marketing without Money. This hands-on course in search engine optimization and social media marketing begins June 25, 2013, at Stanford University Continuing Studies and teaches the marketing manager or small business owner the secrets of marketing without money — "creating buzz without bucks." The summer, 2013, version of this course brings the secrets of social media marketing to a lively Silicon Valley community at Stanford University.

"Stanford Continuing Studies has been a leader in providing social media training," explained Dr. McDonald. "So I was honored to have my summer, 2013, featured in both the print and online editions of the course catalog."

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No matter how crucial it may be for the success of your product, marketing seldom receives the full funding that marketing managers think is necessary. This hands-on course will teach one the secrets of marketing without money—think of it as “creating buzz without bucks.” For entrepreneurs or marketing managers, there are strategies to build awareness, programs to generate trial, and activities to involve early users in the building of your business—all with little or no cost. Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, and other sites can combine the power of free on the Internet with the viral dynamics of Web 2.0 promotion. Email marketing and traditional SEO (search engine optimization) can also be part of the mix. Therefore a complete understanding of variations on the newer “free” business and marketing models is critical. Using case studies of successful companies, we will investigate their use of free marketing opportunities and their best practices so one can develop action plans for your own situation.


Taught in Palo Alto, California, Marketing without Money is within easy commute of communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. South Bay communities in particular – such as Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, and Milpitas are within minutes of Stanford’s Palo Alto campus.


Dr. Jason McDonald is a recognized SEO consultant in search engine optimization, Internet marketing, and search marketing based in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Dr. McDonald received his Ph.D. from the University of California in 1992, and has worked at many hi-tech start up’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, Dr. McDonald is Senior Editor at, a web portal and email service covering hi-tech embedded systems on the Internet, founded in 1994. Recently, Dr. McDonald has begun teaching marketing, market research and Internet marketing at Bay Area institutions such as AcademyX and DeVry University.

Dr. McDonald can be found on the Internet at, a website focused on search engine marketing, SEO, and other Internet marketing issues with in-depth free information on SEO, Page Tags, Google Analytics, Metrics, Link building, Free SEO Tools and more. He can also be contacted by telephone at +1-702-879-4771 or email, [email protected].