Facebook’s Time of Troubles Yet It’s Still an Important Social Media Marketing Platform

Unless you have been living under a rock, unconnected to Facebook, you will be well aware that Facebook has been having its’ fair share of problems recently, what with fake news and the decline of organic reach. It has also been accused of enabling people to meddle in elections, among other things, and has been working hard to restore its’ reputation. Continue reading

Why I Hate Facebook Advertising, Ad Manager and Ad Tech Support (But Not Facebook Ads)

I manage a lot of client advertising money, and some of my own, here in San Francisco. In fact, I’m just minutes away from Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park. On a bad day, I sometimes fantasize about driving over to Menlo Park, and having a mini protest in front of Facebook about how terrible, rotten, no good, and just downright stupid their advertising platform is and – especially their non-existent tech support. Continue reading