If You Need a California SEO Expert Witness, Call Me Fast

Everybody knows what SEO is, don’t they?

Well, possibly not. You might have seen those three letters bandied about all over the Internet, but not have a clue what they mean. If that’s the case, they stand for Search Engine Optimization. SEO Expert Witness in CaliforniaIn turn, that means building or tweaking your website so that Google will fall in love with it and reward you by giving you a starring role on the first page of their SERPS. (Oh, sorry, Search Engine Results Pages). That means that if you sell wurgelbonkers in San Jose and somebody searches online for that term, your website comes up first ahead of all the other wurgelbonker websites, which gives you the best chance of getting their business.

As an aside, you really must be on the first page of Google because only 10% of people ever go to page two.

Life Is Never Straightforward and Neither is SEO in California

However, life is never straightforward, and there are always going to be cases of litigation in the courts where one wurgelbonker seller sues you for some perceived slight, or perhaps you may need to sue another one for some reason. If this should occur, you are going to need the services of an SEO expert witness in California.

Now it’s a big state, but now that we have airlines it is easy to get around. As an SEO expert witness in California, I am based in San Francisco, but that doesn’t matter. If you are in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Sacramento, I can get there easily. I have been in the business of SEO and online marketing since 1994 – that’s coming up to a quarter of a century – so I am far ahead of most other people in the game. I would go so far as to say that there is absolutely nothing I don’t know about SEO, and I have hundreds of satisfied clients who have their websites on the first page of Google who will confirm that.

Mind you, SEO is an ongoing business. The mighty Google is always changing its mind about this or that and altering its’ algorithms, so the need is always to be one step ahead of the opposition. That is why, if you get involved in litigation and need an SEO expert witness in California you should give me a call.

Initially, we can talk via email, on Skype, or even on Zoom video meeting, so that I understand your problem. Then if you need me for a deposition or a trial anywhere in the State, I can be there for you with no trouble at all.