If You are Seeking an LA AdWords Expert Witness, He’s not in LA

OK, OK. So I’m not in Los Angeles, and this is a post oriented towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The best LA Adwords expert witness is in San Francisco not Los AngelesBut guess what? I’m playing the game, and you’ve found me… when you were looking for a Los Angeles AdWords expert witness. 1) I’m not in Los Angeles, 2) It’s now Google Ads not Google AdWords, and 3) I know what I’m talking about. So let’s talk.

Hey, if need be, I CAN be in Los Angeles if you wish. I can travel, if it’s a large project. Or we can do what I do with a lot of my clients. With the internet, I can talk to you on the phone, I can talk to you on Skype, and I also use the Gotowebinar software so that I can consult with you as if I really were in your office. It doesn’t matter: it’s your call. But if you want the BEST Los Angeles AdWords expert witness, you want me.

A Lot Of Court Experience as an Expert Witness

I have a lot of experience of court procedures and I am perfectly at home being cross-examined by attorneys. I can explain all the technicalities of AdWords, including the latest quality score that Google are now working with, so that a judge and jury can understand it. I translate all the technical stuff into words that they can comprehend and which they can make sense of. In other words, I can argue your case fluently, which is what you need.

I also understand how to use Google Ads – as they are now called – so that you hit the sweet spot for your cost per click. Since Google have introduced their quality score, if you have got it right, you can get your clicks at something of a discount, but if you don’t get it right you have to pay more for them. Google knows every trick in the book to get you to pay more – after all, they invent the tricks! However, I have read the book too, and I know how to optimise your website so that you get it the way Google wants to see it.

I am an expert on SEO and also social media marketing. I understand exactly what to do in order to rank your business on page one of Google, and equally importantly, keep it there. After all, if you can get leads and inquiries without having to pay for them, it is the best way to run your business.

So whether you just need a Los Angeles AdWords expert witness, or would like to improve your website and results beyond measure, give me a call. Just click on the Contact link at the top of the page.